Thank You Space 2018!

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THANK YOU SPACE COLUMBUS, 2018! I had a great time tabling at the Midwest’s longest running and largest small-press comic convention. There were 150 artists there, many whom I met for the first time.  I was impressed by the quality and variety of work. If you missed it, be sure to check it out next year. And while you are in Columbus, don’t forget to check out the Billy Ireland Comic Museum. Columbus is a fun town, and it has some tasty restaurants too! Thank you so much to the people that bought and traded for my artwork; the proceeds from my newest comic book have been donated to the charity of my choice.

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Coming to your first small-press comic convention? You can expect to find: comic books, zines, posters, mini-comics, graphic novels, and lots more!


Comics Book (2016)

comic books and zines, comics

Reader beware!  New comics!

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Sequential art for those possessed by the need for COMICS!

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comic con of the future

Now accepting corporate sponsors!  Please email the kid in this comic.

this is not a comic

This is not a comic.  This is not a blog.

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cartoonists are funny

worst costume idea

That guy is doing a great job of not spilling his wine.

I wonder if this company is still in business?


soft tofu problems

Now extra bland and spongy.