Book Review: Be A Nose Sketchbooks By Art Spiegelman

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Book Reviews: Spiegelman Conversations and Be A Nose! Sketchbook

Be a Nose is a collection of three sketchbooks by Maus creator Art Spiegelman. The guy has got to be pretty decent at drawing; his name is Art isn’t it? I enjoyed viewing these sketchbooks, because it’s great to pick an artist you admire, and then see how they brainstorm ideas. Sketchbooks offer a glimpse into the artist’s visual language, in a rough form that often retains spontaneity. Spiegelman makes it known that when he made Maus, he spent days on a page. But according to the artist himself, his sketchbooks contain some of his best work, because they capture that spontaneous moment when a certain magic happens in putting down an idea on paper…

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