Free Atena Farghadani

comics, support Planned Parenthood in Ohio

Cartoonist Atena Farghadani has been imprisoned in Iran, since January 2015, for drawing a cartoon of politicians as animals. The cartoon made fun of Iranian politicians that were attempting to pass a law to restrict people’s birth control choices.  She and her lawyer were recently charged with having an illegitimate sexual relationship short of adultery” and “improper conduct” for shaking hands.  She was forced to take a “virginity and pregnancy” test, while in prison.

Does this disgust and sadden you? Send a letter for her release:

Draw a cartoon for Atena:

Meanwhile, in Ohio, a similar bill was approved to restrict women’s access to birth control and many other health services, by attempting to defund Planned Parenthood.  Perhaps it’s time to draw cartoons making fun of our own politicians for approving this bill, and their lack of insight and understanding. I’ve been to Planned Parenthood before for health services, and I don’t see any reason to defund it. The average person living in Ohio agrees.

Sign a petition in support of Planned Parenthood:

ThunderKhan. New Comic 2015


Here is a preview from my new 12 page comic/zine, coming out November 2015, just in time for Genghis Con 2015. It covers a variety of topics, including music, making fun of allergies and fan-zine promotion of books that I enjoyed in the graphic novel/comics genres.

12 bar blues

Musicians divide music into sections called bars (or measures.)  A verse is a section of a song that tells the story of the song.  A verse that is 12 bars long, became a standard form in the blues.  At the end of the twelve verses, blues musicians often play a “turnaround,” which has an unfinished sound, which leads nicely back into a finished sound, as they repeat verse again, therefore “turning around” the musical idea around to start over.  I hope my visual representation helps capture some of the excitement that dancing to music brings me.      -yawn boring cartoonist!

owner of a plastic bart

thunder khan cover

Great Comic Con!  Thank you!


aller jeez 2

See what happens next… if you buy the comic.


comic cons

My cousin, Lightning Khan, is into reading comic books and graphic novels. She told me about her friend, Deena, a comic book artist, who lives in Saudi Arabia. Her work is about the Female Superhero.

What does it mean to be a Female Superhero? What does it mean to be a Female Superhero, in an Arab country? What does it mean to be a Female Superhero, in America? What does it mean to be a Female Superhero, all around the world?

To find out more, read her blog, and check out the web comic.

This September, her webcomic, “Qahera,” won the award for best digital comic series at the Cairo Comix Festival.  Congratulations!

Applied to Genghis Con few weeks ago, waiting to hear back from the Mongol Hordes…

comic cons

It’s a fantastic small press/zine/comic convention in Cleveland, that I’ve been attending and participating in, for over 5 years.words and pictures

This comic refers to a permanent art installation/sculpture that I saw, at the Lee road library, in Cleveland Heights.  The sculpture includes a chalkboard where one can draw their own comics in chalk. My comic refers directly to the comic molded on the other side of the chalkboard. The sculpture was created to memorialize the Cleveland comic book artist, Harvey Pekar.

These pages are from my new comic called Visceral Story.  Be sure to click the link and read the comic!

visceral story 10

Habibi Presents: Free Bee


Habibi presents Free Bee

This is the cover of my first free comic that I handed out at Genghis Con.  The very talented John G, who created and runs the convention, recommends that each year artists produce a free comic for audience members.  And what could be more free than a free bee?  Habibi means “my beloved” in Arabic.

An explanation of the text:  Mongolian overtone throat singing!  This is a type of throat singing found in Mongolia.  I thought since the name of the convention is Genghis Con, that it would be a funny and relevant shout out.  This type of singing allows the singer to produce two or more tones, instead of just being limited to singing one note a time!  If you’ve never heard it before, head over to YouTube and check out a band like Huun-Huur-Tu.  From the perspective of a western listener, it is quite different than what we are used to hearing, but definitely rewarding.

Number of bacteria living within human body outnumber human cells ten to one!  This one is pretty self-explanatory, yet no less amazing.  The symbiotic and important relation between the human body and the bacteria that dwells within it is just starting to be explained by science.  This was discovered around the time that this comic was released.  I went on to explore a health and biology theme further in my comic Visceral Story.

One in two hundred comic conventions related to Genghis Con!  This refers to an article I saw titled “One in two hundred men are direct descendants of Genghis Khan.”  The scientists discovered this after doing genetic testing in Central Asia.

Doing a free comic was a lot of fun, and it’s definitely something I will be doing again in the future!

free bee 10 picks

10 picks, great Graphic Novels.  Zahra’s Paradise, Palestine, and more.  Correction: These comics are available at the Cleveland Heights library system.  They can also be ordered through OhioLink, and sent to any library in Ohio.

plate of coffee

A nod to the Surrealists, who are a huge influence in my art.


free bee 5 minute comic

5 minute comics are a good way to brainstorm, or quickly jot down an idea before it passes and is gone forever.  5 minute comics are also a challenge; to complete an idea in 5 minutes, with minimal rendering and maximum intelligibility.  That’s the great thing about comics, you don’t have to be the best artist or the best at drawing (which I am not) to communicate an idea effectively.