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Sequential art for those possessed by the need for COMICS!

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This is not a comic.  This is not a blog.

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That guy is doing a great job of not spilling his wine.

I wonder if this company is still in business?


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Now extra bland and spongy.


ThunderKhan. New Comic 2015


Here is a preview from my new 12 page comic/zine, coming out November 2015, just in time for Genghis Con 2015. It covers a variety of topics, including music, making fun of allergies and fan-zine promotion of books that I enjoyed in the graphic novel/comics genres.

12 bar blues

Musicians divide music into sections called bars (or measures.)  A verse is a section of a song that tells the story of the song.  A verse that is 12 bars long, became a standard form in the blues.  At the end of the twelve verses, blues musicians often play a “turnaround,” which has an unfinished sound, which leads nicely back into a finished sound, as they repeat verse again, therefore “turning around” the musical idea around to start over.  I hope my visual representation helps capture some of the excitement that dancing to music brings me.      -yawn boring cartoonist!

owner of a plastic bart

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Great Comic Con!  Thank you!


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See what happens next… if you buy the comic.